Roman Morykit

The Songwriter's Producer

The Songwriter's Producer

There are so many more ways of recording these days, that we can be on other sides of the world and work together.

Some of the things that we can do.

Record at my studio in beautiful S. Oregon wine country. This really only works with a solo artist or duo.

You're not able to get to S. Oregon?
I could come to you to record basic tracks and finish them in my studio. Or you could record tracks where you live and send them to my DropBox for me to work on.

I can also do sessions in your studio or you can email me stems and I can record parts and email them back. Most of my sessions these days are done remotely, with me recording parts in my studio.

One of my favorite things to do is mix.
You can either Dropbox me the files or send me a drive with your files and I mix them and send them back.

I can also master your songs.
And I promise not squash out all of the dynamics!

Do you have a song recorded but it's just not quite right? Perhaps it's a little editing to align the tracks to fix the groove or tune a few vocal issues in an otherwise great performance?
I have been working in studios for 35 years and have been working with ProTools for 15. I've picked up a couple of things.
Mostly, I can hear it and I can feel it.

Roman Morykit. photo by Dale DeGabriele
I can also just listen to what you want to do, and give you some ideas about how to move forward with or without me.