Roman Morykit

The Songwriter's Producer

The Songwriter's Producer

Roman backstage at Britt 2010
Gypsy Soul soundcheck at Triple Door DVD recording

My thoughts on recording.

It all about my ears, and they are what I rely on the most.
I love music.
I love working in the studio, and will spend the hours making sure that something feels and sounds just right.
I love to be inspired and hope that my influence will inspire you to create the best music that you can.

As for gear, I have a high quality set of equipment that doesn't limit my creativity, but also doesn't waste time and energy. You know what I mean... looking through every possible plug in for that infinitesimal nuance in the sound that makes absolutely no difference when it's in the mix. The equipment is just the means of capturing that breathtaking performance.
And let's face it; that's what it's all about!